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Smoking Habits Effect

Smoking Habits
You know not ... habits we can affect cigarette consumption is bad for our own health?
But why are we still going kecanduaan cigarettes?
What causes sebenenarnya we experience these addictions?
And how we can stop the smoking habit?
I myself was surprised with myself, I know that smoking is harmful to health but I still continue to smoke.
From Cigarettes contain tobacco and can cause chronic pharyngitis is an inflammation of the throat (pharynx) that cause symptoms of dry throat, itchy, cracked, and may lead to painful swallowing.
Not only that, but the dangers of smoking also was influential for the health of the body. It has been proven by many people. As we have seen the effects of any adverse effects of smoking are clear. Many studies have shown that smoking increases the risk of various diseases. Such as heart disease and blood vessel disorders, lung cancer, mouth cancer, larynx cancer, cancer osefagus, bronchitis, high blood pressure, impotence, and pregnancy disorders and defects in the fetus.
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