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Benarkah Loyalitas Kerja Membuat Tubuh Drop?

Guys.... Saya mau curhat neh...
Simak baik-baik ya.....
Awalnya, karena menjunjung tinggi LOYALITAS pada perusahaan.
Bekerja, bekerja dan bekerja itulah yang ada dalam benakku... ada kewajiban dari kantor harus mengikuti kegiatan kantor maka anggota diwajibkan untuk mengikuti acara tersebut, akibat kegiatan tersebut anggota jadi "lowbat" alias ngedrop...
Coba bayangkan dalam bekerja dan acara terlalu padat banyak dari anggota yang tidak tidur 2x 24 jam, trus ditambah makanan-makanan yang kita beli kurang bergizi dan mengandung racun, dengan kata lain agak basi, dan hal itu berdampak pada tubuh kita.
Diantara sekian banyak anggota, saya sendiri mengalaminya ketika selesai bekerja, saya merasakan badan kurang enak, meriang, muntah-muntah, diare dan sebagainya sesampainya saya pulang dirumah badan malah tambah parah.
Oh... My GOD apakah ini yang dimaksud dengan LOYALITAS dalam bekerja???
Bagaimana dengan kalian sobat pembaca artikel yang budiman???
Apakah anda mengalami yang saya rasakan....!!!!
Silahkan Komentar saja pada kolom komentar...
Dan saya tunggu saran dan solusi nya untuk saya agar tidak mengalami hal-hal seperti ini lagi, karena saya sangat mengkhawatirkakn kondisi tubuh saya. Tolong dibantu ya.. Sob...

Danger Drowsiness

My friend wants to tell you a little about the less pleasant events that happened to my friends.
Previously I wanted to say "get-well hopefully my friend's, and keep the spirit because I always wish all the best for you ...
Of course, my blog readers not wondering what I mean, like this blogger buddy... my partner in office is accident motorcycle caused by drowsy while driving a motorcycle after work, and it had been hit five my friends, so I am very sad today.

Hopefully it does not happen to me. Appeals for my friends all please be careful when driving a vehicle, if you tired and sleepy after work and drive their own vehicles so please do not be forced to immediately come home.
You must try to stop the stall rest for a moment or in the office, or you can also break a minute in the POM Gasoline to eliminate fatigue and sleepy after work.
I hope you consider your self the safety of each, so we must keep our bodies to remain fresh and not feel sleepy while driving a car or motorcycle.
Several postings from me this now, and I hope this posting may be knocking on the door of your heart all to be careful and always alert.

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Make it Difficult to Sleep Becomes a Positive Habit

This time I will write about the usefulness of knowledge or do not stay up all night....
All we know is a bad habit of staying up and can damage your health, and I menuurut was true, but for my friend all that she could not sleep or always awake at night this can we make a very positive activity, how? let's read this knowledge and mere information for all friends what it benefits.
One thing my message never despaired for insomniacs who have difficulty sleeping, the most important thing we can best memanfaatka first time when we are stricken with the disease this could not sleep.
For me personally if I can not sleep I was always doing positive activities like: Writing paper, drawing and clean the house.
So for all my friends if you can not fall asleep at night should not be used to stay up unhealthy, immoral and other things that are not good. Just do your positive activities that are useful and certainly does not interfere with other family members. Good luck with your suggestions and tips from me.
Just so I can sleep difficulties mengenani express what I experienced, but I can go forward with the continued benefit to others.
And what about your friends?

Smoking Habits Effect

Smoking Habits
You know not ... habits we can affect cigarette consumption is bad for our own health?
But why are we still going kecanduaan cigarettes?
What causes sebenenarnya we experience these addictions?
And how we can stop the smoking habit?
I myself was surprised with myself, I know that smoking is harmful to health but I still continue to smoke.
From Cigarettes contain tobacco and can cause chronic pharyngitis is an inflammation of the throat (pharynx) that cause symptoms of dry throat, itchy, cracked, and may lead to painful swallowing.
Not only that, but the dangers of smoking also was influential for the health of the body. It has been proven by many people. As we have seen the effects of any adverse effects of smoking are clear. Many studies have shown that smoking increases the risk of various diseases. Such as heart disease and blood vessel disorders, lung cancer, mouth cancer, larynx cancer, cancer osefagus, bronchitis, high blood pressure, impotence, and pregnancy disorders and defects in the fetus.
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