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Danger Drowsiness

My friend wants to tell you a little about the less pleasant events that happened to my friends.
Previously I wanted to say "get-well hopefully my friend's, and keep the spirit because I always wish all the best for you ...
Of course, my blog readers not wondering what I mean, like this blogger buddy... my partner in office is accident motorcycle caused by drowsy while driving a motorcycle after work, and it had been hit five my friends, so I am very sad today.

Hopefully it does not happen to me. Appeals for my friends all please be careful when driving a vehicle, if you tired and sleepy after work and drive their own vehicles so please do not be forced to immediately come home.
You must try to stop the stall rest for a moment or in the office, or you can also break a minute in the POM Gasoline to eliminate fatigue and sleepy after work.
I hope you consider your self the safety of each, so we must keep our bodies to remain fresh and not feel sleepy while driving a car or motorcycle.
Several postings from me this now, and I hope this posting may be knocking on the door of your heart all to be careful and always alert.

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Anonim mengatakan...

hem...mKny KIT hRUS Hti-hTI Ya karena mengantuk saat mengendarai mobil atau motor memang berbahaya, tapi saat mengantuk datang memang sulit di duga, ya gamboel

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